Join Us for an Early-Stage Online Jubensha Event on StoryBoxed!

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2/8/20242 min read

Greetings, enthusiasts of Jubensha! As promised earlier in our post, StoryBoxed is excited to invite you to a special online Jubensha game in the game's early-stage form. Unlike the more complex boxed set (like The Dark Council) games that have become popular, this game will feature a simpler, yet equally engaging, format that is perfect for beginners and those curious about the foundations of Jubensha. You can leverage on this opportunity to find out more how the backbones of a Jubensha game is structured and it may be helpful if you want to create a Jubensha game but don't know where to start.

Event Highlights:

Date & Time:17th February 2024 (Detailed timing and corresponding time zone you can find in the sign up link below)

Venue: Discord

Experience: "Goodbye Carmen", an early-stage form of Jubensha

Duration: 2-3 hours

Player Requirement: 4 players per session,  video camera and speaker are necessary

About "Goodbye Carmen":

In the fall of 1845, the mysterious ancient city of Seville hosted a wandering caravan. The gypsies clustered around the glamorous lady Carmen, dancing and creating a wave of revelry in the vast Spanish square.

Yet, behind the vibrant music and vivid colors, silent undercurrents stirred. Carmen's arrival heralded turmoil and unease, sins and vendettas, altering the life paths of some.

As night falls and the bells of Seville ring, the seeming peace masked by the sunlight is completely torn away.

The young Carmen was discovered dead in her tent, her chest bleeding profusely, the blood seeping from the hem of her vibrant red flamenco dress, her face frozen with a final, enigmatic smile.

The banks of the Guadalquivir River descended into chaos as the enraged gypsies detained four outsiders attempting to escape from the camp.

Carmen's kin informed them that the murderer lay among these four outsiders, and one must be executed to atone for Carmen's death.

Day after day, the ancient city of Seville stages its tragicomedies, with the relentless flow of the Guadalquivir River ensuring the drama never ceases. On this perpetual stage of the world, what kind of destiny will they enact next...

Ideal for Newcomers and Aspiring Creators:

This event is specially designed for those who have yet to experience Jubensha and are eager to dive into its captivating blend of storytelling and puzzle-solving. It's also an invaluable opportunity for those interested in becoming Jubensha creators, offering insights into game mechanics and narrative structure in a simpler format.

Group and Individual Sign-Ups:

Whether you’re signing up with friends or flying solo, we welcome you! Groups can indicate their preference to play together, and we’ll accommodate where possible. Individual players will be matched with others, creating new connections in the world of Jubensha.

Sign up link:

Looking forward to see you!