Elevate Your Jubensha Experience: Exclusive Telegram Group for Store Owners and Enthusiasts!


3/3/20241 min read

Dear Jubensha Community,

Are you a store owner, escape room operator, LARP organizer, or someone looking to dive deeper into the world of Jubensha games? We're excited to invite you to join our dedicated Telegram group, crafted exclusively for individuals like you who are passionate about delivering and experiencing the best in interactive storytelling and immersive gaming.

Why Join Our Telegram Group?

  • Exclusive Pretesting Opportunities: Gain early access to test new Jubensha releases, ensuring your business always offers the freshest experiences.

  • Special Promotions & Offers: Be the first to know about special deals and promotions to enhance your offerings and delight your customers.

  • Insightful Workshops: Participate in workshops focused on the ins and outs of running a successful Jubensha business, from game setup to customer engagement strategies.

  • Valuable Networking: Connect with fellow store owners, game designers, and Jubensha aficionados to share insights, tips, and potential collaborations.

  • Dedicated Support: Access after-sales service support, advice, and community wisdom to tackle any challenges you face and ensure the best possible experience for your customers.

Join Us - Here’s How:

To ensure a focused and beneficial environment for all members, we kindly ask interested individuals to sign up via this Google Form link:https://forms.gle/H6JQ9rcyJ2wGMiJs8. We'll conduct a brief verification to confirm your involvement in the Jubensha or related industries.

This extra step ensures our group remains a tight-knit community of genuine store owners and Jubensha enthusiasts dedicated to enriching the gaming experience for all.

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Jubensha and escape room business owners seeking to expand their game repertoire.

  • LARP organizers interested in incorporating Jubensha elements into their events.

Our Telegram group is more than just a community; it's a place to grow, learn, and lead in the exciting world of Jubensha gaming. By joining, you not only get to enhance your own business or hobby but also contribute to the broader community's success.

Don't miss this chance to be at the forefront of the Jubensha movement. Sign up today, and let's embark on this thrilling journey together!