Boxed Jubensha: From Standard to Unique Editions and the Costs

This guide offers a comprehensive overview of the tiers of Boxed Jubensha editions, providing insights into their pricing and exclusivity. Whether you're a player or prospective host, understanding these distinctions can enrich your Jubensha experience.



2/2/20242 min read

In the diverse marketplace of Boxed Jubensha, the way a game is packaged and distributed can greatly vary, offering different levels of exclusivity and experiences to the enthusiasts of this immersive role-playing genre. Especially when it comes to the boxed editions, which are a staple in the market, understanding the tiers of availability can enhance your appreciation and selection of the game. Here's a breakdown of the three primary levels of boxed Jubensha games you might encounter.

Standard Edition (盒装本):

The 盒装本, or Standard Edition, is the most accessible version of Jubensha games. These are widely available for purchase by any individual or shop wishing to host a game. Standard Editions come complete with everything you need to dive into the game: scripts, manuals, evidence, and props, all conveniently packaged in a box. This edition is designed for mass-market appeal, balancing quality content with accessibility.

Typically priced between USD 60-80, due to its broad production range—from a few hundred to over 10,000 sets—the game session charges range from CNY 60 to CNY 130 per player in China and SGD 25-35 in Singapore. Usually, the cost of a Jubensha can be recouped within just two sessions.

City Limited Edition (城限本):

Taking a step up in exclusivity is the 城限本, or City Limited Edition. These editions add an element of scarcity and prestige, as only a select few shops — typically two or three — in any given city are authorized to sell and host these games. For example, in a metropolis like New York City, you'd find no more than three shops that carry this edition. The limited availability naturally makes the City Limited Edition more expensive and sought after by players looking for a unique experience in their locale.

This edition is usually priced between USD 150-350, with game session charges ranging from CNY 130 to CNY 170 per player in China and SGD 30-40 in Singapore.

Unique Edition (独家本):

At the pinnacle of exclusivity sits the 独家本, or Unique Edition, the crème de la crème of Jubensha games. Each city has only one shop with the exclusive rights to buy and host this edition, making it a prized asset for that retailer and a rare treat for players. The Unique Edition not only offers a distinctive gaming experience but also elevates the status of the hosting venue, drawing in those eager to partake in a singular event that can't be found anywhere else in the city.

Due to its unparalleled uniqueness, costs vary widely, typically from USD 400-800, with session charges ranging from CNY 160 to CNY 200 per player in China and SGD 35-50 in Singapore.

Things to Note:

Quality vs. Exclusivity: Exclusivity does not inherently signify quality. Similar to films that are exclusively shown in select venues, a Jubensha's limited availability does not guarantee its excellence.

Pricing Concerns: The pricing structure of Jubensha is more pertinent to shops and publishers. This article aims to shed light on the financial aspects involved.

Variable Session Costs: The cost of participating in a Jubensha session can vary significantly based on exclusivity, location, and country.