A Beginner's Guide to Jubensha Genres

Don't know what are genres? Have a look at this.



1/30/20242 min read

Welcome to the exhilarating world of 剧本杀 (Jubensha), a unique blend of role-playing, storytelling, and mystery-solving that has taken the gaming world by storm. For those new to Jubensha, understanding its diverse genres is key to fully enjoying this immersive experience. Let's dive into the five main genres that define Jubensha games: Horror, Comedy, Faction, Hardcore, and Emotional.

1. Horror Genre (恐怖本)

Prepare for a spine-tingling adventure with the Horror genre. These games are designed to send chills down your spine, featuring suspenseful narratives, eerie settings, and often a supernatural twist. Expect to encounter mysterious scenarios that require you to solve chilling mysteries or survive against daunting odds. If you love a good scare and enjoy atmospheric storytelling, the Horror genre is your gateway to a thrilling Jubensha experience.

2. Comedy Genre (欢乐本)

Lighten the mood with the Comedy genre. These Jubensha games are all about laughter and fun. They often involve quirky characters and humorous situations that guarantee a cheerful and entertaining session. This genre is perfect for those who enjoy a lighter, more relaxed gaming experience. Comedy Jubensha games are a great choice for social gatherings and parties where the goal is to have a joyful time.

3. Faction Genre (阵营本)

The Faction genre is where strategy meets storytelling. Players are divided into different factions, each with its own objectives and roles. These games require teamwork, cunning, and sometimes deception to achieve your faction's goals. The Faction genre is ideal for those who love games with a strong emphasis on team dynamics and strategic planning. It's a test of loyalty, wit, and sometimes betrayal.

4. Hardcore Genre (硬核本)

For those seeking a challenge, the Hardcore genre offers complex and intellectually stimulating experiences. These games feature intricate plots, multi-layered characters, and require a deep level of engagement and analysis. The Hardcore genre is suited for seasoned players or those who crave a more demanding and thought-provoking gaming session.

5. Emotional Genre (情感本)

The Emotional genre focuses on the heart and soul of storytelling. These games explore profound themes such as romance, friendship, and moral dilemmas. They offer a deeply immersive experience that tugs at the heartstrings and invites players to connect with the characters on an emotional level. If you're drawn to stories that evoke feelings and provoke thought, the Emotional genre will enrich your Jubensha journey.


Jubensha games offer a rich tapestry of genres, each providing a unique window into the world of interactive storytelling and role-playing. Whether you're a fan of the eerie and mysterious, the light and humorous, the strategic and competitive, the intellectually challenging, or the emotionally gripping, there's a Jubensha genre for you. Embrace the adventure, dive into these diverse worlds, and discover the thrilling experiences that await in the realm of Jubensha games.